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Lesley Parkinson

Lead Consultant


My Story

A couple of years ago,  I was given a warmer and a sampling of scents as a thank you gift and fell in love with the warmer and the amazing fragrances!!   Then in July 2016, an online friend on mine posted on Facebook that she was looking for people to join her team and become Scentsy consultants.      Her post spoke to me - the night that I read her post, we'd just found out that one of my husband's cousins had died unexpectedly, we were contemplating selling our house and moving to a new state.   Both of our boys play ice hockey, and we knew that our younger son had grown enough since last season that we was going to need ALL new goalie equipment for the upcoming season.  

We're a 2 income family, but I work at a school so have no income from the middle of June to the end of August, but our mortgage company doesn't give us the summer off from paying our bill, so summer is always a financial struggle for us.  I made a hasty decision and decided to say yes to joining Scentsy.   The timing couldn't have been worse -Call it a belated birthday present to myself (worse case scenario I was going to have a brand new warmer, some Scentsy products and a sample of every available fragrance) or call it a gamble (I knew it was going to put a crimp in the checkbook that week.) but I went in, ready to see what Scentsy could do for our family.

It's been just over 2 years, since I made the choice to say yes to begin my Scentsy journey, but I haven't regretted my decision even once.   I love how my house smells.  I love that my 14 year old and 16 year old still get as excited as I get when UPS brings a Scentsy box to our house.  I love being able to share my love of Scentsy with my friends and family.  I love that my choice to say yes to Scentsy means that we have some extra income coming our way every month.  I love the opportunity to earn trips and other incentives.  I love that I have grown as a person, stepping outside of my comfort zone to be more outgoing with people that I haven't met before.  I love that I was welcomed with open arms into the Scentsy sister family - the support that we all give each other is undescribable.   I love that Scentsy gives me the chance to give back to others by giving them fundraising opportunities.  And I love that Scentsy allows me to offer the opportunity to others, to give them a chance to say yes to becoming a consultant and help them earn extra income and free trips and incentives and be as blessed as I have.  All it takes to get started on your own journey is to make the choice to say yes and I can't wait to walk beside you on your journey!



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